Test bench

Tested and fail-safe.

Resilient workpieces are extremely important for safety and long-term use. Through an inspection, we rule out material defects and their often expensive consequences. We offer different test benches for you. These are regularly calibrated by the material testing office North Rhine-Westphalia in Dortmund. They are accepted by all important Classification societies such as DNV, Lloyd's Register, Det Norske Veritas, Bureau Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping and R.I.N.A. We test tensile strength for loads of up to 2000 tons.

We'll check that for you

  • Hook blocks
  • Cross bars
  • Heavy cargo blocks
  • Hook harnesses
  • Chains
  • Anchors
  • Turnbuckles
  • Subsea equipment
  • Lifting equipment for offshore jackets, monopiles, wind turbines, wind power towers, etc.
  • Sheet metal clamps

For particularly difficult cases.

The 100 t test bench and the 2000 t test bench.

With both test benches, we carry out holding and interval tests. For example anchors, hooks, traverses, shackles, Chains, ropes, housings, hoses and other work pieces. We can also test larger components. Because a side wall and the rear wall can be disassembled. We can also extend the test bench. The end bearing slides are bolted and quickly adaptable to the component size. By the way - since we already have an enormous number of parts tested, we offer you a wide variety of test devices directly from our warehouse. If it fits, you can save time and money. Upon request, we can also carry out the red and white test after the test test, the magnetic particle test or the visual inspection - each with level 2. The Tests are recognized by all important classification societies. Our test benches are annually calibrated by the material testing office of North Rhine-Westphalia according to DIN EN ISO 7500-1: 2016-05.

For non-destructive testing

The test benches UWE 900 and UWS 1500

Non-destructive testing is an essential part of detecting defective components and thereby avoiding accidents. Our employees are qualified for the dye penetrant test (PT), the magnetic particle test (MT) and the visual test (VT) each for level 2. We are therefore able to meet the relevant requirements. We can clamp components up to a length of 2300 mm and a width of 1000 mm on our magnetic powder testing machines. The maximum workpiece weight is 700 kg. Larger components are tested with a hand yoke for the MT test.