• In April, MHT will exhibit on the 22th North Sea Offshore Crane and Lifting Conference in Stavanger / Norway.

    With more than 160 years of experience we can answer all the relevant questions about lifting equipment. We always have the right solution, onshore and offshore, from heavy-lift to subsea-lifting.

     lifting conference


  • Last year one of our employees started to initiate a program which is intendet to help to fight cancer.

    Through our social responsibility a lot of our employees feel committed to help. With the DKMS - Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei we started a typification campaign to register voluntary employees in the steam cell donation database.

    We are very proud of our employees and especially the initiator of this project. Thanks a lot for all of you!


    More information about DKMS, steam cell donation, blood cancer  http://www.dkms.de/en


  • In the end of August MHT successfully participated with our own stand at the exhibition ONS - Stavanger.

    We like to thank all of our customers and business friends who visited our booth.

    Special thanks to our Norwegian distributor Noack AS who supported us during the whole exhibition. 



     ONS stand


  • We will introduce a new series of wire sheaves. We will be able to offer sheaves with a lot advantages and simultaneously we will strenghen our green footprint through a new unique manufacturing process. Watch out for more information in the near future.




  • MHT was contracted for a very urgent project for a German shipyard were we designed, calculated and manufactured a 60t vertical block within 2 weeks. After fabrication the block was tested on our test-benches and finally on the ship.




Mohr-Hebetechnik dates back to 1852 when it traded under the name Blockdreherei Mohr, a turning shop. Even at this early stage in the company's history, it specialised in the manufacturer of load-handling equipment for the shipping industry. The master wood turner Hinrich Wilhelm Mohr and a number of employees manufactured, for example, ship blocks, where housing, rope sheaves, etc. were traditionally manufactured from wood. The company's reputation quickly grew on the back of its good quality and soon it not only supplied German ports, shipowners and shipyards, but began to expand its exports to Great Britain, Scandinavia and South America at the beginning of the 20th century. As more and more components began to be manufactured from steel, the first air-driven hammer was installed in the forge. A constant stream of new production machinery was acquired in the years that followed. By the 1940s, the company already owned drilling machines, presses, shearing machines, metal milling machines and various pieces of forging equipment.

By 1948, bottom hook blocks with a capacity of 50 t were already being supplied.

In the mid-1960s, the production of steel blocks continued to grow and by this time already represented 80% of the company's output.

Due to an increasing number of orders the company outgrew its old production facilities and moved to new premises a few kilometres away.

Wooden blocks were more and more becoming a niche product so the company began to manufacture deck equipment in addition to steel bottom hook blocks.

In 1989, the company reorganised and rebranded itself, adopting its present form in order to seize new market opportunities and guarantee its future. The ever growing order book as well as the number of satisfied customers made it necessary to expand the production facilities once again, but unfortunately lack of space made this impossible. New, modern production facilities optimised according to the core product range were therefore constructed in neighbouring Horst (Holstein, Germany), and the company moved there in 2007.

Today, Mohr Hebetechnik delivers several thousand bottom hook blocks per year and is well known for its steel construction expertise. With the most up-to-date production machines and processes, the company's roughly 100 employees always manufacture to our customers' utmost satisfaction.